What Is Our Story?

Picture this: 8 years back, I kicked off an online aromatherapy retail adventure. Fast forward 5 years, and we finally hit the jackpot with a whopping 50k Instagram followers. But here’s the million-dollar question: why did it take so darn long?

Well, let’s spill the tea. Back then, I was a bit of a social media rookie. I mean, who knew there was more to it than just sharing cute pics of our products? Between hustling day and night, there was zilch time to unravel the mysteries of hashtags and algorithms. And as for hiring a pro? Yeah, right—my piggy bank laughed in my face.

Then came the lightbulb moment. With a burst of energy, we skyrocketed our followers from a modest 5k to a mind-blowing 30k in just one year. Wanna know the magic trick? Our revenue soared like a rocket ship, blasting off with a jaw-dropping 300% boost.

Fast-forward to now. Social media isn’t just a side dish; it’s the juicy steak of our customer-catching game plan. A whopping 30% of folks swarming our website are social media wanderers. It’s like we set up a cool street stall in the digital world, and everyone’s stopping by for a chat.

Hold onto your hats, because here comes the grand finale: Rivalift. Yeah, we thought, “Why not create some genius AI that can whip up brand stories and ninja-like content strategies?” And just like that, Rivalift was born. Our mission? Handing fellow small biz owners the keys to social media success, where revenue growth is the name of the game.

So there you have it. From a humble aromatherapy shop to AI-powered awesomeness, we’re here to help you rule the social media jungle and make those dollar bills rain. Ready to dive in? Let’s do this! 🚀🌟




How does it work?

Ready to unleash Rivalift’s magic? Here’s the scoop: once you toss us your competitors’ social media handles, we kick into turbo mode. Our super-smart AI dives deep into their data, no sweat on your part.

And guess what? It’s suggestion time! Rivalift becomes your personal content guru, dishing out ideas like a seasoned chef. We’ll tell you what kind of content will have your audience drooling for more, and spill the beans on how to grow your fan club.

No fuss, no stress—just pure social media wizardry. Let’s turn your rivals into your fans and your followers into fanatics. Get ready to rock the social media game with Rivalift! 🚀🔥

What do we tell you

Everything that makes you win the heart of your customers

Hashtags to use
We will tell you what are the most used hashtags and which ones are working best to be seen in the explore page.
Keywords to use
Our AI goes through the captions of your competitors and decides which keywords are best to use in your industry.
Captions to write
Rivalift's AI generates captions for each post on Instagram you want to share and suggests brand storytelling scenarios..
Photos to create
Our AI understands which photos work best for your competitors and guides you about the type of photos you should take and share.
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